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For more information or to reserve some fun, lasting memories for your event, please call or email us at:
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Frequently Asked Questions

What forms of payment do you accept?
We offer flexibility in payment methods, which include cash, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, local check, travelers check, and money order. We even offer online payments through PayPal. A 50% deposit is required at time of booking. Our policy guarantees a unit is reserved for you.

Is my pre-payment refundable?
Yes, if the cancellation is due to weather we will refund or reschedule to your liking. Cancellation for reasons other than weather require notification at least four (4) days in advance of your rental. Any cancellation within four days of the event will cause the pre-payment to remain non-refundable, but it can be applied to another rental within 60 days. Once the equipment is set up, balance is due in full and no refund will be given.

Do you have insurance?
Boing Boing Inflatables, LLC has a comprehensive insurance policy that covers all of our rental units. If your event needs "PROOF OF INSURANCE", we will be happy to supply you with the documentation. We also can add municipalities and organizations as an "ADDITIONAL INSURED" to our policy at no extra charge. Let us know when booking your event and we'll include the documents with your contract agreement.

What is the difference between an inflatable, bounce house, moonwalk and a combo?
Moonwalks, Bounce Houses, Bouncers, Bounces, Jumpers, Jump House, Moon Bounce and Space Walks are all terms used to describe a basic inflatable jumper. They can be square, round or any other shape, but generally there is no difference between them. They have walls and a mattress filled with air that children jump on, much like a trampoline. A Combo unit combines a moonwalk and features that are often found on other inflatable structures, such as a slide, into a single inflatable. Combos will be listed with a designation of the number of different activities combined into the unit. These units are a step above a simple moonwalk by offering more activities to enjoy! Inflatables is a generic term that represents all inflatable amusement rides.

What power is required?
The blower requires a 110 volt, 20 amp, dedicated-circuit within 75 feet of the set up area, otherwise a generator will be needed. We can provide a generator for a nominal fee. You will need to discuss power needs at booking if you have questionable power available.

Can I pick up the unit and set it up myself
Although some rental companies will allow you to pick-up their inflatables and set them up yourself, we do not think that is a safe practice. We take safety seriously and by delivering the inflatable to you we can help you to determine the best location for set-up, make sure the unit is secured properly and make sure that the area is free of obstructions and safety hazards. We can also review the proper safety and operational instructions with all of the attendants. Since we include delivery, set-up and pick-up, please take advantage of this service and use your free time to make other last-minute arrangements for your event!

What is your delivery area?
Most deliveries are within Murfreesboro, Spring Hill, Franklin, Columbia, Brentwood and most areas in between. Deliveries outside those cities may incur an additional delivery fee. Contact us for more information.

Are all inflatable companies the same?
No they are not. The services and inflatables offered may not be the same. Some companies may offer lower prices but often this is due to the lower quality or age of their equipment, they may not carry liability insurance and they may not inspect, clean and sanitize their equipment. Boing Boing Inflatables, LLC is committed to providing the best customer service and the cleanest, safest units available.

What happens if we damage the inflatable or other equipment?
If damage occurs the first thing to do is have everyone exit the ride. You will need to assess the damage and call our office to speak with a representative before allowing anyone back in the ride. We do not offer damage insurance. If damage occurs that is beyond normal wear and tear, you will be responsible for the repair or replacement costs.

What if I have problems during my party?
Should any equipment develop a problem, or does not function correctly at anytime, or you do not understand the operating instructions, immediately cease use of that equipment. Please contact us at 615-293-1887, if we are not able to resolve the issue over the phone we will come to your event.

What do I do if it starts raining?
You should have everyone exit the inflatable. They will become very slick and dangerous with a small amount of water. If it is a light rain that appears to be only for a short time you can leave the unit inflated. Once the rain has passed you will need to thoroughly dry the unit with towels before allowing any riders back in. If the rain is heavy or appears to be set in for a long time you will need to turn the blower off and move it to a covered location. Once the unit deflates, remove the anchors on one side and fold the unit back on itself.

What should we do if there are high winds?
If there are high winds or gusts over 15 mph have everyone exit the moonwalk immediately and turn the blower off.

How much space is required to setup an inflatable?
There should be at least 10 feet of clearance on all sides of the inflatable. This is to provide the attendant room to observe the participants and provides the unit clearance from snagging while it flexes or is being inflated or deflated. There should also be adequate height above the unit. You can view the dimensions for each inflatable on our Products page. The location should have minimum slope and be free of rocks, limbs, debris and animal waste.
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